Selected Issues


Many high school graduates in Oregon do not chose four year college. We need real opportunities in vocational training so these students have a reliable path to success and solid middle class incomes. I support partnerships with community colleges and businesses, along with faith-based groups and licensed contractors to teach people valuable trades. We need to close the "skills gap" and have our students ready for good jobs from day one.


If President Trump is serious about MAGA then we will certainly need more people skilled in vocational trades as well as scientists and engineers. This also applies to the manufacturing facilities which will need to be built when the jobs come back from abroad.


We need to balance the budget so we do not burden future generations. We've added $20 Trillion to the national debt since Reagan. This is unsustainable and bad fiscal policy. The current Republican leadership has used the national debt as a political attack tool. If lowering debt under the previous administration was a good idea, it should be a good idea now.


When the American people got ripped off by Wall Street banks which were "to big to fail" our leaders in congress jumped into action and worked together. They were in the pocket of Wall Street bankers and lobbyists...we got left out in the cold. We need leaders who represent people first; this is why I reject the big money influence that has corrupted politics.


Oregon businesses benefit greatly from international trade. I would be a strong advocate for Oregon products and would support tough trade deals that put Oregon and the US in a position of strength. I support the export of value added products over raw material. We finally have a president who will be tough on trade as well as American Intellectual Property.


Oregonians overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders...only to be promptly ignored by national Democratic leadership. The leadership of the Democratic party is out of touch and made a huge mistake supporting Hillary Clinton.


Politicians love to use Veterans to promote their campaigns then immediately do nothing for them. I'd cut waste and abuse, significantly increase VA resources, and would promote legislation that helps Veterans. No Veteran should ever be homeless or without a job if.


The Foster care system is a national disgrace and adoptions are difficult and expensive. As a result, over 20,000 children age-out of foster care every year in the US. They have few resources, no support and often end up in the criminal justice system. This is unacceptable in a nation where lives are supposed to matter.


We live in the most beautiful part of the country...but also one where there are serious threats that are literally just beneath the surface. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes all pose major risks to this region. We need well thought out measures that enable us to take care of ourselves. The Oregon Resilience Plan needs to be a priority. The federal government cannot be relied upon to save us in a time of need but could certainly be of help before then. 


No one should ever be forced to join a union or be prevented from joining one if they want. We need to revise union laws so that employees are treated fairly and not coerced.


Democratic government should not operate in the shadows. Special laws and trade deals that are created in secret without input from the people violate the basic ideals of Democracy.


I want to live in a nation where everyone has access to affordable healthcare. The role of government is to ensure that people are treated fairly in the free market.


Our electric grid is dangerously out of date, vulnerable to cyberattacks, and woefully unprepared for the demands of the 21st century. We need a program along the lines of the interstate highway system that united this nation by building essential infrastructure that feed economic growth.


We need a strong military to face coming threats. Waste, fraud, and abuse have hobbled our military. We should never send our troops overseas without the tools they need to do their job well.


The Oregon Secretary of State website says there are over 1,100 different licenses, permits, and certifications. If that is typical of other states in the country it would mean there are over 50,000 licensing requirements in this nation, not even counting those at the federal level. We need to streamline things so small businesses are not overburdened but are encouraged.

Additional issues pending...check back soon!

Lesser issues


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