I am running because our politicians are out of touch and no longer represent us. They are loyal to Political Action Committees (PACs) and Big Money - I believe they have forgotten what it means to represent people. Most politicians are more concerned with winning their next election than in actually governing...they often spend more than half their time on campaigning and fundraising!

The American people deserve more from their leaders than merely a part-time effort.


I received undergraduate degrees in engineering and I have worked in science and technology for my entire career. The companies I have worked for range from a NASA contractor, a fuel cell developer, to Intel, and most recently, Apple.

I have served on the board of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I know first hand what it takes to build safe, decent, affordable housing. Homes which are not handouts, but owned by families, helping them build wealth for generations to come.


Serving on the "Committee on Science, Space, and Technology" is an important job and should be filled by someone who has actually done that in their career. This applies to most other Congressional Committees where technical expertise would be invaluable. We need people who understand the scientific challenges this nation will face in the 21st century.


I grew up the son of a police officer-turned-district-attorney. I attended Catholic high school before briefly joining the seminary. At 18 I tried selling real estate as the youngest Realtor in my group. But building the items that make a house seemed more useful than selling houses, so I went back to school and graduated from UC Berkeley School of Engineering with a double major in Mechanical Engineering with Materials Science and Engineering. After I graduated but before I got my first job I was diagnosed with cancer.  This was not a strategic career move. There is a period of post malignancy follow-up care where it is not really certain if the cancer treatment has worked. When I was well enough, and grew some of my post chemo and radiation hair back, I traveled to Oregon. I wanted to see this legendary place, you know, just in case this was my last year. A friend from college who I once tutored in calculus accompanied me for the road-trip. 

As soon as I arrived in Oregon, I knew I was home. I left California and never looked back. That was in 1997.

I have grown fiercely protective of this great state and its natural beauty. Oregon was instrumental to my healing and continues to be my emerald jewel, nexus of inspiration, and occasional source of frustration. Over the years I have served on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity and encouraged our representatives in Salem to secure tax credits for affordable housing. I recently submitted proposals and voted on changes at the Republican platform convention in Bend and recently became Precinct Chair Person for precinct 401. I will fight for this district like I fought my cancer. After we fight for our life, everything after that seems pretty manageable.

Oh, and the friend whom I tutored in calculus? She is now my wife, and she works on preclinical and clinical trial cancer research at OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute and Portland Medical Center. Yeah, she and I take things seriously and we hold grudges against that which has done us wrong. Let me work for you because I’m pretty tenacious.  I’m stubborn as all hell, but if I’m fighting for you that is exactly what you want.