Griffith for Congress

Oregon's First Congressional District

About the Campaign

What I stand for...

Strengthening the Republican Party

We need new leaders who can work together, not attack each other.

Responsible Campaign Funding

Since I will be a representative of the people once I am in office, I will only accept support from the people, while I am running for office.

No special interests. No big money. No favors to pay back.

It’s that simple. 

Old with the new

In the next few months I will hold townhall style meetings where we can meet face to face and discuss the important issues. Politics begins as a discussion between friends and neighbors; no technology will ever replace that.

With social networks and a good idea, we can reach everyone in our district and have our voices heard. We can use technology for what it does best; encouraging relationships that are already strong.

Every donation helps

I am running to represent the people of Oregon;

not lobbyists, not super PACs, not Wall Street bankers.

We have a challenging road ahead...with your support I believe we have a chance to bring on sensible, positive, lasting change.

If money is speech then it is time for us to shout!

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